Bad Teeth Can Bring On Erectile Dysfunction

Bad Teeth Can Bring On Erectile Dysfunction

Link Between Poor Oral Hygiene And Erection Problems

Recent studies have highlighted a direct link between gum disease and the ability to get an erection. Results from these studies proved the fact that as the severity of erectile dysfunction increased, the level of chronic periodontitis (gum disease) was found to be more prevalent.

The study showed that just over 81% of all men with severe erection difficulties had gum disease, in those with less premature ejaculation ruins relationshipssevere cases of the problem, the rate of gum infections dropped to about 40% of men.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction

The National Institute Of Health defines Erectile Dysfunction as the inability to get and keep an erection of sufficient strength to enable sexual intercourse.

It has been revealed that  one in ten men are affected with ED to varying degrees, and that the problem mainly affects men over the age of 40 years old.

The Head Of The British Dental Health Foundation – A Dr Nigel Carter believes that the embarrassment of having and treating erection problems is forcing men to rather misguidedly ignore the problem along with their dental health.

Dr Carter said “‘To associate gum disease, the major preventable cause of tooth loss in adults, with such a taboo subject amongst males is not something that should be taken lightly.”


He continued –  In Theory if four out of five men who suffer from ED also have poor oral health, it could have far reaching effects on their long term health and could pose a serious health risk to those individuals concerned”


Dentists recommend that we all should have twice yearly checkups to make sure that we maintain good oral health

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