Bathmate Penis Pump Review UK

Bathmate Penis Pump Review UK

How Does Bathmate Work

With a wide choice of penis enlargement methods and products available to choose from, it can be quite hard and confusing to choose or decide what one to use.

A product has recently been making a name for itself is called Bathmate, it is a vacuum pump that will help provide larger and longer lasting erections quickly and efficiently.

Made in the USA by Ultramax, the Bathmate has become one of the most recogniseable products in its class, and probably one of the most effective.

Are Vacuum Pumps Safe

There has been some bad press on these types of pumps, various problems have been highlighted from their use (OR SHOULD WE SAY MISUSE) and these have included damaged ligaments and twisted penises.

The Bathmate is different, it is made to be used in the bath or shower and uses water to support the penis during the operation. Bathmate is fully certified and proven to be safe and effective.

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How Does Bathmate Work

The bathmate is first filled with water and then placed over the penis, there is a rubber seal that fits aganst the users groin while in use.  The device is pumped to expel the air and any excess water to form a vacuum, this vacuum inside the device places the penis under pressure, this encourages blood to flow into the penis, making it erect.

Under the pressure from the vaccum, the penis fills with an increased amount of blood, this swells the penis making the resulting erection bigger, longer and longer lasting.

The device can be easily removed once the desired erection is reached, and users will find that the erection provided with the bathmate is longer lasting.

Ocassional Use of the Bathmate will help users to get and keep longer lasting (and looking), more effective erections but these will usually revert back to usual size once the bloodflow diminishes.

Can The Bathmate Provide Permanent Penis Growth

The bathmate works in two ways, by using ocassionaly it will enhance the users erections and sexual performance, bathmate rangewith regular use it can provide a permanent increase in both lengh and girth.

To achieve a permament increase in penile size, the Bathmate has to be used daily, however it only has to be worn for 20 minutes per day, so far shorter than the time required with some other mechanical traction devices.

How Does The Bathmate Lengthen My Penis

The penis is subjected to a powerful (yet totally painless) vacuum, this causes an increase of blood to flow into the penis. The force of the increased bloodflow places the internal cells of the penis under pressure, these gradually seperate and duplicate and will over time, create additional tissue cells and blood vessels. The result is a larger and thicker penis. Results have been quite impressve and with time, gains of up to 2″ are quite possible.

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How Long Does It Take To Work

Erections will be enhanced and enlarged literally within a few minutes of using the device, the vacuum pressure draws ever increasing amounts of blood into the penis, the resulting erection will be harder, visibly larger and you are ready to perform and please!!…

For permanent enlargement, it will take a bit longer…This is similar to the tried and trusted method of traction that is used by doctors worldwide to straighten or lengthen damaged limbs, because it uses the body’s natural ability to grow, it can take a number of months for maximum results to be appreciated, that said, an improvement is size can usually be noticeable after a couple of weeks. The key factor is the amount of time the device is used for.

Bathmate Accessories

Apart from the actual device, Bathmate also provide some rather useful optional extras that can enhance your experience of the device, these include:

Is Bathmate Expensive

The product is sold and shipped wordwide, it is currenty sold for just £69.00 with free worldwide shipping and a 60 day cash back guarantee. The manufacturers are so confident of the Bathmate and its proven results that they offer all buyers an assurance that if they buy and use Bathmate for 60 days and fail to achieve any gains in length, that they will refund all monies paid.

Where Can I Buy Bathmate

The pumps can be found in some adult stores, but to be sure of getting genuine bathmate devices and to get the full protection of the guarantee, we suggest buying from the official Manufacturers website.

While there, You can also discover the other models in the range including the new X50 – the device for guys who are lucky enough to be blessed with 9″ or more!!

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