Best Teeth Whitening Kit UK

How To Get Whiter Teeth At Home

A dazzling white smile can offer so much, it makes you look more approachable, possibly more attractive (some say), and whats more it gives you confidence.

man with white teethTeeth Whitening is highly popular these days, virtually every dental surgery, and many beauty spas and salons offer teeth whitening to their clients or patients.

The main issue with these treatments is the cost, most professional treatments cost from £200 upwards with some dental clinics charging double that, especially in London and other main cities. this can make the treatments unaffordable for many of us, especially during these financially troubled times.

Home Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are many special teeth whitening kits that enable users to whiten their teeth at home,usually at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.

With the right kit you literally can achieve Dental quality results for the cost of a takeway meal for 2.

Recent law Changes Regarding Home Teeth Whitening

The Eu has recently issued new guidelines regarding Teeth whitening, they have issued a blanket ban on the use of over strength gels (over 16% carbamide peroxide – or 6% hydrogen peroxide), even dentists are no longer allowed to use these strength gels.

Why Were These Gels Banned

Strong gels have been linked to adverse side affects, that included, mouth ulcers, burns to gums and mouth, extreme teeth sensitivity and discoloured teeth.

The EU have also ruled that before whitening their teeth, prospective users must see their dentist beforehand to ensure that their teeth are healthy, they then need to use a kit that is recommended or supplied by a dentist.

The kits must also use a gel strength that is no stronger that 6% Hydrogen peroxide (16% carbamide peroxide).

Only kits that contain 0.1% strength can be bought over the counter without prior consultationdental white approved teeth whitening.

Approved Teeth Whitening Kit UK

the kit supplied by UK teeth whitening specialist Smile4You is called Dental White, developed in the USA over 16years ago, it was the first and is still the number 1 selling kit in the world.

Made And Supplied By A Dentist

Dental White uses an EU and FDA aproved strength gel and as it is both made and supplied by a professional dentist, is totally legal to buy (as long as you visit your dentist regularly).

With costs starting at £26.99 for the basic kit (that contains everything you need to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in just 14 days) whitening your teeth for a mere fraction of what you would have to pay your dentist couldnt be easier.

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