Boost Muscle and Metabolism With Forza XLR8 Max

Does Forza XLR8 Max Work

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A lot of men turn to the gym as a way to both keep fit, and lose excess weight at the same time;

Ephedrine was the supplement of choice for those gym goers looking to maintain muscle mass, while suppressing appetite and burning excess fat through working out.

However, ephedrine was linked with some adverse side effects and is now illegal, and so Forza have formulated their Ephedrine substitute called XLR8 Max.

New XLR8 Max forza XLR8 Maxis the Ultimate Replacement for the now illegal Pure Ephedrine Tablets

XLR8 Max contains 30mg Activ-Rx Hcl per tablet, which was specifically developed to mimic the effects of the original Pure Ephedrine Tablets 25+ for advanced appetite control and metabolic stimulation.

Free of the side effects associated with Ephedrine, XLR8 Max boosts energy just like Ephedrine, increasing the metabolic rate and helping users to burn more fat during their workouts, in addition XLR8 Max contains cutting edge appetite suppressing ingredients.

XLR8 max is also a bronchial dilator, which is essential for increased energy and quick weight loss.

Simple to use, take 1-2 tablets 45 minutes before a workout.

Where Can I Buy Forza XLR8 Max

The entire range of Forza health supplements can be purchased on line from Desirable Body, one of the UK’s most respected online suppliers of health supplements.

Next day shipping is available in the UK,

A sensible shipping charge of £2.95 is added to orders under £75.00. Larger orders qualify for free shipping.

Desirable Body also ship orders worldwide for an international shipping fee of £6.95

They Sell Forza XLR8 Max In Various Sizes:

250 tablets £ 23.40      Buy Now

500 Tablets £ 46.00     Buy Now

1000 Tablets £ 77.00  Buy Now

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