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SizeGenetics Penis Enlarger Review UK [Updated 2020]

The SizeGenetics penis enlarger is a quality device that is manufactured and distributed within the the UK.size genetics type 1 medical device

It has been available to the consumer for over a decade but started its life as a medical device.

The SizeGenetics traction device was the first product aimed at increasing penis size to be introduced into the marketplace using traction technology and granted the CE mark of approval UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000.

SizeGenetics has been copied mercilessly over the last few years by competitors trying to imitate the success of SizeGenetics.

“If your intention is to increase the size of your penis in both length and girth – the SizeGenetics system should be given serious consideration”

The Size Genetics device has been approved and indeed recommended by doctors worldwide, it has been featured in size genetics on TVthe media and is one of the few products of its type to be featured on TV


How Does The Size Genetics Device Work

These devices work alongside the body’s natural ability to regenerate, by applying firm, yet gentle pressure along the length of the penis, the internal skin cells divide and duplicate producing increased skin cells and blood vessels.

This results in a permanently longer and thicker penis. Doctors have used this principle for straightening and lengthening limbs, ancient tribes have (and still do) lengthen their necks, earlobes, lips and other body parts by similar methods.

Is the Size Genetics Device Safe

This method of traction is a tried and tested method used by doctors worldwide.

Does The Treatment Take Long

The end result will be determined by the amount of time that the device is worn for, maximum gains in length (up to 3”) can take around 6 months, but results can be seen after only two weeks

Is It Painful To Wear

Unlike some competitor products, the experts at size genetics have spent and age designing and fine tuning the finished design to make sure that the device can be worn as required without any discomfort. The main difference is a comfortable securing strap that has proved to be far more comfortable that the silicone loop relied on by other products.

How Large Could I Get With Size Genetics

With a full course of treatment, users could expect to gain between 2 and 3” in length along with an increase in girth. The end results will depend on the amount of time spent wearing the device.

What Do I Get When I Buy The Size Genetics System

In addition to the device itself, buyers receive membership of the world famous Penis Health Exercise system, this new designed size geneticsmedically proven version of the age old method of jelqing works along side the device, using a mix of traditional and modern exercise techniques that only take up around 8 minutes per day, 3 days a week. The exercises help to give the user greater control over ejaculation, and erection strength thus improving the users general overall sexual performance.

Members also gain access to the users forum where they can share experiences and swap tips with the many thousands of users across the world

Do I get A Guarantee

With the process lasting around 6 months, the makers of size genetics want to make sure that their clients are happy with their purchase, for this reason they provide a 6 month cash back guarantee on all orders, and will refund in full if purchases are returned for whatever reason during that period.

Can I Buy Size Genetics On The High Street

Regretfuly not, with such a high embarrassment factor and the fact that the subject of penis enlargement is still relatively taboo,  the makers sell directly from the official website. With offices in both the UK and the USA, orders are dispatched worldwide quickly and discreetly.

Orders can be placed online, or if you prefer by post, fax or telephone, Size genetics provides a fully manned 24hr helpline where you can get help and any answers to questions that you may have.

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