Foods That Reduce Fertility

Foods That Reduce Fertility

Could Dairy Products Make Us Infertile

Studies carried out at US University Harvard have been studying the effects of certain foods cheese fertility riskson male fertility.

The reports coming from the studies tell us that eating even small amounts of full fat dairy products can reduce male fertility; men who eat three portions of dairy products a day tend to have reduced sperm quality when compared to men who avoid these kinds of foods.

Cheeses and full fat milk and cream are the main culprits.

The researchers believe it is the naturally high levels of female hormones found in milk that could be the trigger.

Research up to now has always centered on mainly female fertility but there is now increasing evidence that men’s lifestyle and in particular their diets can have a drastic affect on their ability to father children.

The Harvard Study involved 189 males all aged between 19 and 25, all were fit, healthy and not overweight.

The quality and motility of the subject’s sperm were monitored.

healthy spermIt was found that the men who eat three or more portions of full fat dairy products each day produced sperm that was around 25% less quality that those men who avoided dairy or eat far less.

The study leader Myriam Afeiche revealed that they believed it was the presence of natural oestrogen in the milk that was the main reason for the reduction in sperm quality and motility, she did add however that other factors such as environmental pollutants in the milk could also make the problem worse.

Dairy products have been the subject of many  studies before, but this is the first time that one has been carried out on the effects it has on male fertility.

The British Fertility Society commented on the study, saying that they do not believe that men should avoid dairy products, they agreed that too much dairy could possibly reduce fertility, but not enough in their opinion to stop men being able to father children.

Clinical Research Continues On This Subject…..

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