How Do Penis Traction Devices Work

The Only Way To Permanently Enlarge Your Penis

If You Are Unhappy With The Size Of Your Penis, Or Maybe Your Penis Is Curved – Read On To Discover How To Straighten and Improve The Length Of Your Most Prized Asset

It might sound ridiculous but it is possible to permanently enlarge your penis. There are countless products out there man looking at his small penison the internet all claiming to enlarge your penis by 2″, 3″ or even 5″.

Lets Get This Straight Now –

Pills alone cannot permanently enlarge your penis...

There are some great pill based supplements (2 of the best being Male Extra Or VigRx) out there that can make your penis accept more blood while its erect, which in turn will make it appear larger, but this will only last the length of the erection.

If You Want To Increase Your Penis Length Permanently, There Is Only One Way To Do This.

You will no doubt heard of traction – this is the process used by doctors across the world to straighten and lengthen injured or stunted limbs.

It sounds like a painful process, but this is totally inaccurate, traction is usually painless, effective and permanent.

how traction devices workYou may also have seen photographs of native tribal members with stretched necks, enlarged lips and ear lobes, this is all the result of gentle traction

How Does A Penis Traction Device Work

the device is worn over the penis, they are usually discreet and can be worn over night or under loose fitting trousers during the day.

The device exacts a gentle but permanent pulling pressure along the length of the penis, this permanent pressure gradually makes the internal cells divide, and duplicate, the more this goes on, additional skin cells ,muscle and blood vessels are formed, increasing the bulk and therefore the length of the penis.

How Large Could I Get With A Traction Device

Average gains are between 2″ and 3″ in length, as a bonus the girth or thickness is usually increased as well.

How Long Does The Treatment Take To Work

Permanent penis enlargement is not an overnight process, its not uncommon to see an encouraging increase of around 1/2″ in around 2 weeks but to achieve maximum gains, you will need to be ready to wear the device as often as possible for up to 6 months.

This is the key, the more the device is worn, the quicker and better the results.

My Penis Is Curved – Can These Devices Help?

Penis traction devices are used across the world to straighten curved penises, the disease Peyronies disease is penis traction devicecommonplace and actually effects more men than you would think, if the curve is severe, it can have a real negative effect on the mans ability to have sexual intercourse. Traction devices are proven to correct even the most severe cases of Peyronies disease.

Which Device Do I Choose

We have evaluated many of the top penis enlargement devices currently available to buy. From this research we have put together what we feel to be the top three.

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