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What Is Instant Performer

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Most men have, at some time in the lives, a problem getting or keeping an erection, for some the problem is linked to medical problems, for many the problem is a temporary one caused by one of several reasons that can include;

  • Stress
  • Nerves
  • Alcohol
  • Tiredness

Failing to get an erection just when you need one can be both embarrassing and confidence sapping.

For many of us, these occasional blips are frustrating, for others who have more regular bouts of the problem it can literally ruin our relationships and our lives.

So What Can We Do

If the problem is a regular one, its always best to consult a doctor just to make sure that there isnt an underlying medical reason for the problem, this could be things like diabetes, vascular or circulation problems and hormonal deficiencies.

Doctors will usually examine you, maybe take blood tests and will then depending on the results prescribe some drug based remedy for whatever is causing the problem.

One of the most common drugs prescribed for erection problems is Viagra, made by Pfizer, it is the worlds most prescribed erection improving drug, the makers estimate around 10 tablets are prescribed every minute of every day aross the world. – Thats around 14,400 tablets per day

Side Effects Of  Viagra

Although effective for many, Viagra and similar drugs have certain problems associated with them, firstly they take an age to work, they should be taken usually up to 2 hours before any planned sexual activity – which spoils the spontaneity of sex. the other problem – which is more worrying is the very risk of side effects.

Viagra has been linked with

  • Hearing loss
  • Headaches
  • Disturbed Vison
  • Anxiety
  • Heart problems

Safe Natural Viagra Alternative That Works Fast

instant performer ingredients

The makers of Instant Performer have looked at the two issues surrounding Viagra –

(a) the time it takes to work, and

(b) the risk of side effects

They have formulated what is probably the fastest working erection aid currently available, their product called Instant Performer is a topically applied gel that when gently rubbed into the penis brings on a solid hard erection usually within a minute and often less.

The Gel is made from 100% natural ingredients, hand picked for their proven erection enhancing properties.

The ingredients that include L-Arginine and Pomegranate quickly pass through the skin to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the blood (this is exactly what Viagra does), this relaxes and opens the blood vessels to allow a greater flow of blood into the penis, the resulting erections are generally harder and longer lasting.

Instant Performer is non-prescription, discreet and easy to use, it maintains the spontaneity of sex without having to stop and wait for a pill to take effect – in fact your partner need never know!!!.

What is more, its natural ingredients are 100% side effect free.

Just keep a tube in your bedside drawer or bathroom cabinet – you never know when you might need it!!

Priced at just £29.95  for a tube containing but to 30 applications. There are some rather attractive offers for larger orders that include bonus gifts and free tubes.

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All orders are sent out with the protection of an 180 day cash back guarantee

Put simply – if you buy and try instant performer and find it doesnt work for you, simply return for a full refund.

Orders are shipped worldwide from local distribution centres.

Get Yours Today – Without Prescription or That Embarrasing Doctors Examination

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