Prelox For Erectile Dysfunction

Prelox For Erectile Dysfunction

Prelox Over The Counter ED Pills

Prelox is a natural based product aimed at men who have difficulty gaining or maintaining an erection. It is available to buy without prescription and sold in UK high street outlets such as Holland and Barrett.

Made by supplement manufacturers Pharma Nord,  Prelox is sold as a natural alternative to Viagra and is unlikely to cause some of the side effects normally associated with drug based erectile dysfunction products such as Viagra and Cialis.

Both Viagra and Cailis are chemically produced and for this reason remain available by prescription only (they cannot be purchased legitimately via the high street or internet.)

How Does Prelox Work

The main principle behind all orally taken erectile dysfunction products is to increase the blood flow to the penis. A stronger flow of blood to the penis will increase rigidity and help to achieve a longer lasting erection and improve recovery time between ejaculations.

Increased Blood Flow Can Solve Erection Problems

The ingredients contained within the formula is a proprietary blend of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol. When these two powerful ingredients are combined they increase nitric oxide production, this dilates the blood vessels, stimulating both circulation and blood flow and essentially protect the blood vessels from the possible damage that can occur from the effects of getting older.

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Prelox Possible Side Effects

Should not cause any harmful side effects although users could experience a slight headache or dizziness, especially at first – a common complication with a majority of male enhancement tablets.

Is Prelox Effective For Treating Erection Problems

The positives are that it contains two clinically proven ingredients discovered to help male sexual virility, both L-Arginine and Pycnogenol are present in a majority of over the counter or non prescription male virility supplements.

Whether Prelox contains a high enough dosage is another question.

Where To Buy Prelox Over the Counter

Prelox is available to buy in selected branches of Holland and Barret and also via their official website.

The cost is approximately £36.89 for a months supply.

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Effective Alternative To Prelox

Possibly the most effective natural compound for treating erectile dysfunction is pomegranate.

Pomegranate when taken in large quantities regularly has been coined “Natural Viagra” for its positive effect on the male libido.

UK produced Male Extra contains a high concentration Pomegranate (70% Ellagic) alongside other proven, natural erection enhancing ingredients. With over 150,000 bottles sold worldwide, its little wonder that Male Extra is so popular in men seeking natural alternatives to Viagra…

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