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It is well documented that the intensity of a male orgasm is dependant on the amount of semen being produced. Generally the larger the amount of semen being produced, the greater the muscle contractions are required to expel performer5 boxthe ejaculate.

For men who are suffering from low semen production the problem is two fold, (a) their ejaculations and orgasms are generally lack lustre and unsatisfying, and also (b) the fact is that if they are trying to conceive, the lower the semen volume, the less likely they are to be effective or succesful.

Low semen volume can be attributed to many things, some illness’s and/or injury can be the cause, but a lot of times, the cause can be dietary based.

There are some supplements available that have been formulated that will boost semen production and as a result, increase ejaculation strength and volume. One of these products is called Performer5

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What Is Performer5

Performer5 is a specially formulated natural supplement designed to boost semen volume and encourage increased ejaculation and orgasm power. The product contains an effective mix of natural botanical ingredients that has been clinically proven to work. The product has been endorsed by respected doctors, urologists and other experts in the field of male sexual health.

How Does Performer5 Work

The natural formulation works within the body to naturally boost the production of healthy semen, the product contains ingredients such as

Malic Acid

These are All Essential To Improved Semen Production

Additional benefits resulting from the use of Performer5 include improved erection strength and longevity which can only improve your sexual performance and enjoyment.

Clinical tests have shown that Performer5 can improve semen volume by as much as 500%

Why Choose Performer5

Apart from the clinical testing and professional testimonials, everyday users have reported back claiming just how best volume pilleffective this product is.

The makers are so confident of their product that they give an amazing 180 day cash back guarantee – Their return policy is simple – They simply say that if you buy and try Performer5 and it doesn’t work wonders for your semen production, then simply return the box and any unused product within 180 days for a full refund with no questions asked.

Performer5 costs £42.40 for a months supply; there are also some attractive discounts for larger orders.

Orders are shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly.

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