Male Extra Canada

Male Extra Available In Canada

Male Extra the UK formulated virility supplement has now gone global.

Male Extra is now available in nearly every country in the world – it  is fast becoming the virility pill of choice.

Male Extra has been coined “Natures Viagra” as it shares many similarities with the Pfizer owned drug in workings and effect.

Male Extra is the real natural alternative to Viagra

Viagra is possibly the best known and most widely used product to treat sexual dysfunction and increase a flagging libido. It is not easy to acquire.

Viagra is prescription only and most GP’s are reluctant to prescribe because it can cause one or two fairly nasty side effects. It is a chemically produced drug and so should be taken with extreme caution.

Male Extra on the other hand has taken the best substances from the natural world and produced a product that has an unbelievably high success rate.

So Whats So Great About Male Extra

Male Extra contains three key ingredients.

The first is pomegranate – pomegranate has been proven to create a profound effect on the male libido. We are not describing the juice you would find in the likes of Tesco and Asda but Pomegranate 70% Ellagic.

This would be the equivalent to drinking 500 litres of juice per day.

The other two ingredients are Tongkat Ali and L-Arginine – these two ingredients combines can create a strong blood to the penis – a key factor in achieving a hard and sustainable erection.

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