Testogen T-Booster Review

Testogen T-Booster Review

We Check Out Testogen – Can It Really Boost Muscle Mass?

Testogen is a UK made, purposely developed 100% natural testosterone booster that will help men of all ages to build muscle tone, mass, strength and energy… Its beneficial effects will also help to reduce the build up of unwanted body fat and also provide a very welcome boost in sex drive.

The Formula In Testogen

Testogen is a very well formulated product.. the makers have put cleverly balanced mix of proven T-boosters alongside notable energy and libido promoting ingredients

Each serving includes:

  • Magnesium from Citrate – 200mg
  • Vitamin B6 from Pyridoxal 5 phosphate – 20mg
  • Zinc from citrate dihydrate – 10mg
  • Vitamin D3 – 50mcg
  • Vitamin K1 from Phytonadione – 20mcg
  • D-Aspartic Acid – 2352mg
  • Nettle Leaf – 40mg
  • Red Ginseng Extract – 40mg
  • Fenugreek – 40mg
  • Boron from Boron Citrate – 20mg
  • Bioperine – 95% piperine – 5mg


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How To Take Testogen

The suggested daily serving is 4 capsules spread throughout the day, take one with breakfast, one at lunch, one mid afternoon, and the final one with your evening meal – this ensures a constant flow of the effective nutrients through the body throughout the entire day

Users Feedback

Since its launch 2 years ago, Testogen has build up a large global following, users of all ages love it for the way it helps to promote muscle mass, strength and tone, men who are slightly older also report some noticeable improvements in libido and general vitality.

From our own perspective We tried Testogen for a month, and we both agreed that the resulting increase in energy, libido plus noticeable firming of our muscles demonstrated just how quickly this product can work…. For maximum muscle boosting results we reckon that it will take around 3 months, but overall, even after our relatively short trial, we feel that Testogen is really worth taking.

Reported Side Effects

There are no reports of any side effects whatsoever.

Where To Buy Testogen in The UK

You can buy Testogen directly from the official website, the makers ship worldwide for FREE

A months supply will cost you £34.95 ($55), you can get some good deals by ordering 2 or more bottles, our vote for Best Buy is the ‘Ultimate Supply’ – for £119.95 ($187) you get 3 bottles, Plus another 2 bottles FREE along with a very useful E book on Testosterone.

Cash Back Guarantee?

The makers provide a full 60 day cash back guarantee on all orders

Our Thoughts

Testogen is a well formulated product, our own personal experiences along with independent reviews from users across the world do demonstrate that although it’s simply formulated, Testogen really can help promote increased testosterone production, bringing along with it all the benefits including increased muscle size, more strength, better energy levels, faster recovery and of course turbocharged sex drive..

What more could you want from a T-Booster?? Testogen Is Recommended To All Our Readers

You can Buy Testogen Direct From The Official Website – Click Here