What Causes Low Sperm Count

What Causes Low Sperm Count

A low sperm count is the main reason why men fail to conceive a baby with their partner; it is the #1 cause of infertility low sperm countin men.

There are quite a few reasons for a low sperm count, these include:

Dietary Deficiancy – Your body relies on certain minerals, nutrients and vitamins to maintain its correct balance and low or incorrect levels of these important nutrients can have detrimental affects on many normal health issues. The production of healthy sperm in correct quantities is one of them. Eating the correct food stuffs and taking supplements that include Zinc and Folic acid are known to boost semen levels. Foods such as Oysters, lean meats, dairy and poultry products along with celery, and such pulses as pumpkin and sunflower seeds are all known to have semen boosting qualities.

Smoking And Alcohol – These both can be really detrimental to your sexual health, smoking in particular has been shown to cause fertility issues and can also cause erection difficulties due to the fact that it can restrict blood flow to the extremities (including the penis).

Tight Clothing – Wearing clothes, especially underpants that are way too tight can hold the testicles too close to the body, these function best when they are a degree or two cooler than the rest of the body, if they overheat, normal sperm production can be affected.

Hot Baths – For the same reason as above, to maintain optimum semen p

how to increase sperm count

roduction, hot baths and the like should always be avoided.

What Can I Do To Boost Semen Production

It has been proven that an active lifestyle, with regular exercise will help to maintain correct bodily function. The production of healthy semen and sperm in correct quantities is no exception.

The development of natural supplements that help boost the bodies natural production of semen have been the saviour of millions of men (and their partners) worldwide.

A good semen enhancing supplement uses some of natures most proven ingredients; some have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

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